Alex Da Corte & Jayson Musson
Karma/ICA Philadelphia, New York, 2016
288 pages
8 14 × 6 inches
Edition of 750

Longtime friends and first-time collaborators Alex Da Corte (born 1980) and Jayson Musson (born 1977) created a major new commission for ICA Philadelphia in 2014. Nearly two and a half hours in length, this in-the-round video installation was scripted by Jayson Musson, directed by Alex Da Corte, and scored by composer Devonté Hynes. Easternsports is an amorality tale for the digital age. Both deadly serious and heartbreakingly flippant, it embraces Gap commercials and grand jury rulings, middle-class aspirations and global imperialism. And it transforms a decade-long conversation between Musson and Da Corte into a work awash in the neon glow of their American milieu. Text by Kate Kraczon.