× Rare
    Rene Ricard, Trusty Sarcophagus Co.

    Rene Ricard
    Trusty Sarcophagus Co.
    INANOUT Press, New York, 1990

    Keith Haring, Tony Shafrazi Gallery

    Keith Haring
    Keith Haring
    Text by Robert Pincus-Witten, Jeffrey Deitch, David Shapiro
    Tony Shafrazi Gallery, New York, 1982

    Larry Clark, Tulsa

    Larry Clark
    Lustrum Press, New York, 1971


    Kruithuis,'s-Hertogenbosch, 1984


    East Village USA

    East Village USA
    Text by Dan Cameron, Liza Kerwin, Alan W. Moore, Penny Arcade, Sur Rodney, Julie Ault, Patti Astor, Lydia Lunch, Mark Russell, Calvin Reid, Mitch Corber, Carlo McCormick
    New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, 2004


    Lee Lozano, Thesis

    Lee Lozano
    Thesis (All Men Are Hardly Created Equal)
    The Letter Edged in Black Press, New York, 1968

    Hal Fischer, Gay Semiotics

    Hal Fischer
    Gay Semiotics
    NFS Press, San Francisco, 1977

    Candy Darling, Candy Darling

    Candy Darling
    Candy Darling
    Hanuman Books, New York, 1992

    Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Studio Work

    Paul Mpagi Sepuya
    Studio Work
    Text by Wayne Koestenbaum
    Familiar, 2012


    Kenji Kanesaka, Super-American Dream

    Kenji Kanesaka
    Super-American Dream
    Kodansha, Tokyo, 1976

    Brice Marden, Attendants, Bears, and Rocks Deluxe Edition

    Brice Marden
    Attendants, Bears, and Rocks
    Deluxe edition
    Essay by Jean-Pierre Criqui
    Matthew Marks Gallery, New York, 2002


    Ed Ruscha, Royal Road Test

    Mason Williams, Edward Ruscha, Patrick Blackwell
    Royal Road Test


    David Hammons, Global Fax Festival

    David Hammons
    Global Fax Festival
    Museo Nacional Centro De Arte Reina Sofia, Madrid, 2000

    Jean Royère, décorateur á Paris

    Jean Royère
    décorateur á Paris
    Musée des Art décoratifs​/​Editions Norma, 1999

    David Hockney, Cameraworks

    David Hockney
    Text by Lawrence Weschler
    Knopf, New York, 1984

    Lucas Samaras, Samaras Album

    Lucas Samaras
    Samaras Album
    The Whitney Museum of American Art​/​Pace Editions, New York, 1971

    David Hockney, Fax Dibujos/Fax Cuadros

    David Hockney
    Fax Dibujos​/​Fax Cuadros
    Centro Cultural​/​Arte Contemporáneo, Mexico, 1990


    Nobuyoshi Araki, Sniper Shot

    Nobuyoshi Araki
    Sniper Shot
    Text by Eriko Fukuda
    Mirion Shuppan, Tokyo, 1981

    Ed Ruscha, DM Gallery Poster

    Ed Ruscha
    Exhibition Poster
    DM Gallery, London, 1972

    Keith Haring, Stedelijk Museum 86

    Keith Haring
    Paintings, Drawings and a velum
    Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 1986