Lee Lozano, Drawings 1958–64
Lee Lozano

Drawings 1958–64
Text by Tamar Garb, Helen Molesworth
Karma, New York, 2021

Lee Lozano, Private Book 8
Lee Lozano

Private Book 8
Karma, New York, 2021

Lee Lozano, Private Book 9
Lee Lozano

Private Book 9
Karma, New York, 2021

Pastel, An Exhibition by Nicolas Party

An Exhibition by Nicolas Party
Conversation with Glenn Fuhrman, Nicolas Party, Robin F. Williams, Louis Fratino, Loie Hollowell, Billy Sullivan. Text by Melissa Hyde. Interview by Dodie Kazanjian
The FLAG Art Foundation, 2021

    Henni Alftan Dike Blair

    Henni Alftan, Dike Blair
    Henni Alftan Dike Blair
    Text by Linda Norden
    Karma, New York​/​Various Small Fires, LA, 2021


    Lee Lozano, Thesis

    Lee Lozano
    Thesis (All Men Are Hardly Created Equal)
    The Letter Edged in Black Press, New York, 1968


    Solitaire: Lee Lozano, Sylvia Plimack Mangold, Joan Semmel
    Edited by Helen Molesworth
    Text by Sherri Geldin, Joanna Burton, Richard Meyer, Helen Molesworth
    Wexner Center for the Arts, Ohio, 2008


    Robert Grosvenor, ICA Miami

    Robert Grosvenor
    Robert Grosvenor
    Text by Alex Gartenfeld, Bruce Hainley. Interview by Mark Handforth
    ICA Miami, 2021


    Keith Lafuente, Mom & Son

    Keith Lafuente
    Mom & Son
    Social Species, New York, 2021


    Kashina, East of Borneo

    East of Borneo
    Preface by Luca Turin
    Antifurniture, New York, 2020


    Candy Darling, My Face for the World to See

    Candy Darling
    My Face for the World to See: The Diaries, Letters, and Drawings of Candy Darling, Andy Warhol Superstar
    Hardy Marks Publications, Honolulu, 1997


    Candy Darling, Women in Revolt Publicity Photograph

    Candy Darling
    Women in Revolt publicity photograph


    Hon-en katedral : Hon-en historia

    Niki de Saint Phalle, Jean Tinguely, Per Olof Ultvedt
    Hon-en katedral: Hon-en historia
    Moderna Museet Stockholm Sweden, 1967


    Martin Wong Exhibition invite

    Martin Wong
    Exhibition invite
    Frank Bernarducci Gallery, New York, 1988


    LOEWE, A Joe Brainard Show in a Book

    A Joe Brainard Show in a Book
    LOEWE, Paris, 2021


    Anna-Sophie Berger, The Fool at Sea

    Anna-Sophie Berger
    The Fool at Sea
    JTT​/​Pacific, New York, 2018


    Nan Goldin, The Other Side

    Nan Goldin
    The Other Side
    Text by Nan Goldin, Bea Rogers. Interview by Sunny Suits, Joey Gabriel
    Steidl, 2019


    Marsden Hartley, The Earth Is All I Know of Wonder

    Marsden Hartley
    The Earth Is All I Know of Wonder
    Text by Poul Erik Tøjner, Mathias Ussing Seeberg, Randall R. Griffey, Jonathan D. Katz, Edyta Frelik, et al.
    Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, 2020


    Patrick Cowley, Mechanical Fantasy Box

    Patrick Cowley
    Mechanical Fantasy Box: The Homoerotic Journal of Patrick Cowley
    Text by Jorge Socarras, Theresa McGinley, Josh Cheon
    Dark Entries Editions, 2019


    On Kawara, "One Million Years"

    On Kawara
    "One Million Years"
    Galerie Watari, Tokyo, 1983



    Text by Linda Weintraub, Jordana Moore Saggese
    Nahmad Contemporary, New York, 2018


    Adrian Piper, Escape to Berlin

    Adrian Piper
    Escape to Berlin: A Travel Memoir
    APRA Foundation Berlin, 2018


    Kara Walker, A Black Hole Is Everything a Star Longs to Be

    Kara Walker
    A Black Hole Is Everything a Star Longs to Be
    Text by Anita Haldemann, Maurice Berger, Aria Dean
    JRP|Editions, 2021

    Francis Picabia, Erotic Drawings

    Francis Picabia
    Erotic Drawings: Selected Works from 1922 to 1950
    Innen, 2018


Lee Lozano