× Andy Warhol
    Andy Warhol, Mao Tse-Tung

    Andy Warhol
    Mao Tse-Tung
    Multiples, Inc./Castelli Graphics, New York, 1972

    $450 $360

    Andy Warhol, 1950s Drawings

    Andy Warhol
    From Silverpoint to Silver Screen: Andy Warhol 1950s Drawings
    Text by Poul Erik Tojner, Marjan Scharloo, Michael Semff, Vincent Fremont, Daniel Blau, Sydney Picasso, James Hofmaier
    Hirmer Verlag, 2012

    $60 $48

    Andy Warhol Pin

    Andy Warhol

    $350 $280

    Andy Warhol, Blow Job

    Andy Warhol
    Blow Job
    Text by Peter Gidal
    Afterall Books, 2008

    $20 $16

    Art and Artists

    Art and Artists
    Volume One, Number Eleven, February 1967
    Hansom Books, 1967

    $250 $200

    Andy Warhol, Ladies & Gentlemen

    Andy Warhol
    Ladies & Gentlemen
    Text by Pier Paolo Pasolini
    Skarstedt Gallery, 2010

    $30 $24

    Andy Warhol, Dollar Signs

    Andy Warhol
    Dollar Signs
    Text by Trevor Fairbrother
    Van De Weghe, New York, 2004

    Andy Warhol, Image Machine

    Andy Warhol
    Image Machine: Andy Warhol and Photography
    Verlag Fur Moderne Kunst Nurnberg GMBH, 2012

    $45 $36

    Andy Warhol, Knives Paintings

    Andy Warhol
    Knives Paintings
    Essays by Robert Rosenblum, Vincent Fremont
    Salon Verlag​/​Jablonka Galerie, Koln, 1998

    $100 $80

    Andy Warhol, Ones

    Andy Warhol

    $200 $160

    Andy Warhol, 25 Cats Name Sam

    Andy Warhol
    25 Cats Name Sam and One Blue Pussy​/​Holy Cats
    Random House, 1987

    Andy Warhol, Mick Jagger, 1975

    Andy Warhol
    Mick Jagger, 1975
    Seabird Editions​/​Castelli Graphics, New York, 1975

    $1,000 $800

    Andy Warhol, Portrait Drawings

    Andy Warhol
    Portrait Drawings
    Jablonka Galerie, Koln, 2002

    $45 $36

    Andy Warhol, Prints

    Andy Warhol
    Prints: Catalogue Raisonne 1962-1987
    D.A.P., 2003

    $85 $68

    Andy Warhol, From A to B and Back Again

    Andy Warhol
    From A to B and Back Again
    Yale University Press, 2018

    $70 $56

    Gerard Malanga, Andy Warhol, Screen Tests

    Gerard Malanga, Andy Warhol
    Screen Tests​/​A Diary
    Kulchur Press, New York, 1967