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    Tetsumi Kudo, Retrospective

    Tetsumi Kudo
    Text by Mike Kelley, Antje Krause-Wahl, Reiko Tomii
    Walther König, Köln, 2021


    Tetsumi Kudo, Cultivation

    Tetsumi Kudo
    Edited by Lærke Rydal Jørgensen, Tine Colstrup. Text by Tetsumi Kudo, Joshua Mack
    Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, 2020


    Hito Steyerl, I Will Survive

    Hito Steyerl
    I Will Survive
    Text by Florian Ebner, Doris Krystof, Marcella Lista, Nora M. Alter, Karen Archey, Teresa Castro, Alexandra Delage, Thomas Elsaesser, Ayham Ghraowi, Tom Holert, Florentine Muhry, Vanessa Joan Müller, Mark Terkessidis, Brian Kuan Wood
    Spector Books, 2021


    Howardena Pindell, Rope/Fire/Water

    Howardena Pindell
    Text by Howardena Pindell, Ashley James, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Alex Poots
    Walther König, Köln, 2021


    Wolfgang Tillmans, Concorde

    Wolfgang Tillmans
    Walther König, Köln, 2017


    Wolfgang Tillmans, Conor Donlon

    Wolfgang Tillmans
    Conor Donlon
    Text by Alex Needham
    Walther König, Köln, 2016



    Kruithuis,'s-Hertogenbosch, 1984


    East Village USA

    East Village USA
    Text by Dan Cameron, Liza Kerwin, Alan W. Moore, Penny Arcade, Sur Rodney, Julie Ault, Patti Astor, Lydia Lunch, Mark Russell, Calvin Reid, Mitch Corber, Carlo McCormick
    New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, 2004


    Danny Lyon, Bushwick

    Danny Lyon
    Le Point Du Jour Editeur, France, 1996


    Bernd & Hilla Becher

    Bernd & Hilla Becher
    Bernd & Hilla Becher
    The Arts Council of Great Britain, 1974


    Gordon Matta-Clark, Odd Lots

    Gordon Matta-Clark
    Odd Lots: Revisiting Gordon Matt-Clark's Fake Estates
    Text by Jeffrey Kroessler
    Cabinet Books​/​The Queens Museum of Art​/​White Columns, 2005


    Jenny Holzer, Peter Nadin, Eating Through Living

    Jenny Holzer, Peter Nadin
    Eating Through Living
    Tanam Press, New York, 1981


    The Last Place They Thought Of

    The Last Place They Thought Of
    Texts by Treva Ellison, Daniella Rose King, Katherine McKittrick
    Institute of Contemporary Art​/​University of Pennsylvania, 2020


    Henni Alftan Dike Blair

    Henni Alftan, Dike Blair
    Henni Alftan Dike Blair
    Text by Linda Norden
    Karma, New York​/​Various Small Fires, LA, 2021


    Lee Lozano, Thesis

    Lee Lozano
    Thesis (All Men Are Hardly Created Equal)
    The Letter Edged in Black Press, New York, 1968


    Solitaire: Lee Lozano, Sylvia Plimack Mangold, Joan Semmel
    Edited by Helen Molesworth
    Text by Sherri Geldin, Joanna Burton, Richard Meyer, Helen Molesworth
    Wexner Center for the Arts, Ohio, 2008


    Robert Grosvenor, ICA Miami

    Robert Grosvenor
    Robert Grosvenor
    Text by Alex Gartenfeld, Bruce Hainley. Interview by Mark Handforth
    ICA Miami, 2021


    Keith Lafuente, Mom & Son

    Keith Lafuente
    Mom & Son
    Social Species, New York, 2021


    Kashina, East of Borneo

    East of Borneo
    Preface by Luca Turin
    Antifurniture, New York, 2020


    Candy Darling, My Face for the World to See

    Candy Darling
    My Face for the World to See: The Diaries, Letters, and Drawings of Candy Darling, Andy Warhol Superstar
    Hardy Marks Publications, Honolulu, 1997