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    Richard Prince, Freaks

    Richard Prince
    Nahmad Contemporary, 2023


    Mark Grotjahn, Backcountry Zine

    Mark Grotjahn
    Backcountry Zine
    Blum & Poe, 2021


    Matt Connors, Ryan Preciado, Body Forth / A Cliff to Climb

    Matt Connors, Ryan Preciado
    Body Forth / A Cliff to Climb
    Text by Durga Chew-Bose
    Pre-Echo​/​Canada, New York, 2022


    Miyoko Ito, Heart of Hearts

    Miyoko Ito
    Heart of Hearts
    Text by Jordan Stein
    Pre-Echo Press​/​Jordan Stein, 2023


    Robert M. Rubin, Vanishing Point Forever

    Robert M. Rubin
    Vanishing Point Forever
    RideWithBob​/​Film Desk Books, 2024


    Dike Blair, Special Edition (2023)

    Dike Blair
    Dike Blair
    Special Edition
    Texts by Helen Molesworth, Christine Robinson, and Jim Lewis
    Karma, New York, 2023


    Five Stories for Philip Guston

    Five Stories for Philip Guston
    Edited by Emmie Francis, Mark Godfrey. Text by Christopher Alessandrini, Thessaly La Force, Ben Okri, Lou Stoppard, Audrey Wollen
    Printed Matter, Inc., 2023


    Bob Nickas, Corrected Proofs

    Bob Nickas
    Corrected Proofs: Previously Unpublished, Uncollected, Unwanted
    Foreword by Randy Kennedy
    At Last Books, Copenhagen, 2023


    Ulala Imai, The Scene

    Ulala Imai
    The Scene
    Text by Douglas Fogle, Hiji Nam
    Karma, New York, 2023


    Xiao Jiang

    Xiao Jiang
    Text by John Yau, Winnie Wong
    Karma, New York, 2023


    Woody De Othello, Maybe Tomorrow

    Woody De Othello
    Maybe Tomorrow
    Text by Jason R. Young. Interview by Arlene Shechet, Allie Biswas
    Karma, New York, 2023


    Helen Molesworth, Open Questions: Thirty Years of Writing about Art

    Helen Molesworth
    Open Questions: Thirty Years of Writing about Art
    Phaidon, 2023


    Ann Craven, Twelve Moons

    Ann Craven
    Twelve Moons
    Text by Daniel S. Palmer, Rainer Diana Hamilton, Ariana Reines
    SCAD Museum of Art, 2023


    Peter Bradley, Ruling Light

    Peter Bradley
    Ruling Light
    Text by Dieter Buchhart, Mia Matthias, Nancy Princenthal
    Karma, New York, 2023


    Andrew Cranston, Never A Joiner

    Andrew Cranston
    Never A Joiner
    Ingleby Gallery​/​Anomie Publishing, 2023


    Harry Smith, American Magus

    Harry Smith
    American Magus
    Edited by Paola Igliori
    Semiotext(e), CA, 2022


    Bonami, The Spinster's Poems

    The Spinster's Poems: 101 Bonaku
    Foreword by Richard Prince
    Karma, New York, 2023


    Greer Lankton, Sketchbook, September 1977

    Greer Lankton
    Sketchbook, September 1977
    Primary Information, 2023


    Lynette Yiadom-Boakye, Guggenheim

    Lynette Yiadom-Boakye
    Text by Kodwo Eshun, Lekha Hileman Waitoller, Lynette Yiadom-Boakye
    La Fabrica​/​Guggenheim Bilbao, 2023


    Carrie Schneider, Sphinx

    Carrie Schneider
    Texts by Susan Cross, Dana DeGiulio, Kristy Edmunds, Aristilde Kirby, Sarah Lookofsky, Carmen Maria Machado
    Hassla​/​MASS MoCA, 2023