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    Richard Prince, Publicities

    Richard Prince
    Text by Tama Janowitz, Harriet Quick
    Sadie Coles HQ, 2003


    Richard Hell, What Just Happened

    Richard Hell
    What Just Happened
    with images by Christopher Wool
    Winter Editions, 2023


    Tom Fairs, David Schoerner, Woods

    Tom Fairs, David Schoerner
    Text by Bob Nickas
    Hassla​/​Kerry Schuss Gallery, 2023


    Alex Katz, Collaborations with Poets

    Alex Katz
    Collaborations with Poets
    Essay by Debra Balken
    GRAY, 2023


    Alex Katz, Prints Catalogue Raisonné, 1947–2022

    Alex Katz
    Prints Catalogue Raisonné, 1947–2022
    Edited by Klaus Albrecht Schröder, Marietta Mautner Markhof, Gunhild Bauer. Text by Vivien Bittencourt, Marietta Mautner Markhof, Gunhild Bauer, Vincent Katz, Carter Ratcliff
    Hatje Cantz, 2023


    Lawrence Weiner, A Tale of A Maiden or Two

    Lawrence Weiner
    A Tale of A Maiden or Two
    Salon Verlag, 1996


    Lightworks Envelope Show : An Exhibition Catalog of Correspondence Art

    Lightworks Envelope Show : An Exhibition Catalog of Correspondence Art
    Text by Ken Friedman, Mike Crane
    Lightworks Magazine, 1979


    Peter Shire, SHIRE EXP P.V. C/S

    Peter Shire
    SHIRE EXP P.V. C​/​S: A Studio Life in Echo Park
    (un), 2021


    General Idea, Manipulating the Self

    General Idea
    Manipulating the Self
    The Coach House Press, Toronto, 1971

    Guy Bourdin, Sighs and Whispers: Bloomingdale's

    Guy Bourdin
    Sighs and Whispers
    Bloomingdale's, New York, 1976


    Donald Judd, 20. Juni bis 2. August 1970

    Donald Judd
    20. Juni bis 2. August 1970
    Interview by Bruce Glaser
    Kunstverein Hannover, 1970

    Hilton Als, My Pinup

    Hilton Als
    My Pinup
    New Directions, 2022


    Moyra Davey, Index Cards

    Moyra Davey
    Index Cards
    New Directions, 2020


    Patti Smith, Woolgathering

    Patti Smith
    New Directions, 2021


    Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Live Audio Essays

    Lawrence Abu Hamdan
    Live Audio Essays
    Primary Information, 2023


    Richard Prince, Everyday

    Richard Prince
    Sadie Coles HQ, 2023


    Sarah Charlesworth

    Sarah Charlesworth
    Sarah Charlesworth
    By Rochelle Steiner with contributions by Eric Crosby, Mark Godfrey, Thomas Lawson, Rebecca Morse
    DelMonico Books​/​Prestel, New York, 2017


    Peter Halley, Paintings and Drawings 1980-81

    Peter Halley
    Paintings and Drawings 1980-81
    Text by Chris Byrne
    Karma​/​Craig Starr Gallery, 2023


    Peter Halley, Conduits

    Peter Halley
    Conduits: Paintings from the 1980s
    Text by Michelle Cotton, Tim Griffin, Paul Pieroni
    Mudam Luxembourg​/​Hatje Cantz, 2023


    Daniel Spoerri, An Anecdoted Topography of Chance

    Daniel Spoerri
    An Anecdoted Topography of Chance (Re-Anecdoted Version)
    Translated by Emmett Williams
    Something Else Press, New York, 1966