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    General Idea, Cocktail Book

    General Idea
    The Getting into the Spirits Cocktail Book from The 1984 Miss General Idea Pavillion
    General Idea, Toronto, 1980

    William Eggleston, The Democratic Forest: Selected Works

    William Eggleston
    The Democratic Forest: Selected Works
    Text by Alexander Nemerov
    David Zwirner Books​/​Steidl, 2016

    Sally Mann, What Remains

    Sally Mann
    What Remains
    Bulfinch Press, New York, 2003


    Alec Soth, From Here to There

    Alec Soth
    From Here to There: Alec Soth's America
    Text by Geoff Dyer, Barry Schwabsky, Britt Salvesen, Siri Engberg, August Kleinzahler
    Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, 2010

    Jack Pierson, Self Portrait

    Jack Pierson
    Self Portrait
    Essay by Marina Grzinic
    Cheim & Read, New York, 2003

    Ari Marcopoulos, KWFD

    Ari Marcopoulos
    Purtill Family Business, 2021

    Richard Hell, Weather

    Richard Hell
    CUZ Editions, 1998

    Paul Mpagi Sepuya, Studio Work

    Paul Mpagi Sepuya
    Studio Work
    Text by Wayne Koestenbaum
    Familiar, 2012

    Peter McGough, I've Seen the Future and I'm Not Going

    Peter McGough
    I've Seen the Future and I'm Not Going
    Pantheon Books, New York, 2019

    David LaChapelle, LaChapelle Land

    David LaChapelle
    LaChapelle Land
    Simon & Schuster Editions​/​Callaway Editions, New York, 1996

    John Giorno, Poems by John Giorno

    John Giorno
    Poems by John Giorno
    Mother Press, New York, 1967


    Roe Ethridge, Beach Umbrella

    Roe Ethridge
    Beach Umbrella
    Polychronic, 2020

    Brice Marden poster

    Brice Marden poster
    Matthew Marks Gallery, New York, 2002

    Roe Ethridge, Souvenir St. Moritz, #2

    Roe Ethridge
    Souvenir St. Moritz, #2
    St. Mortiz, 2020

    Paintings by Tabboo!

    Paintings by Tabboo!
    Howl! Happening: An Arturo Vega Project
    Howl Arts, Inc., 2016

    Robert Grosvenor 2020, Special Edition

    Robert Grosvenor
    Robert Grosvenor Special Edition
    Text by Rachel Kushner, Suzan Frecon, and Bob Nickas
    Karma​/​Galerie Max Hetzler, New York, 2020


    Helmut Lang,  41.1595° N, 73.3882° W

    Helmut Lang
    41.1595° N, 73.3882° W
    MoCA Westport, CT, 2020

    Jack Pierson, Real Gone

    Jack Pierson
    Real Gone
    Fiction by Jim Lewis
    Artspace Books, San Francisco, 1993

    Richard Kern, 1980

    Richard Kern
    Numero Homme​/​Off One's Rocker Publishing, Berlin, 2019

    Ari Marcopoulos, The Chance is Higher

    Ari Marcopoulos
    The Chance is Higher
    Dashwood Books, New York, 2008