× Ephemera
    Joseph Beuys, buttocklifting postcard

    Joseph Beuys
    Exhibition invite
    Edition Staeck, Heidelberg, 1974


    Joseph Beuys, filzpostkarte

    Joseph Beuys
    Edition Staeck, 1985


    Barbara Kruger, Surveillance

    Barbara Kruger
    Exhibition invite
    Annina Nosei Gallery, New York, 1984

    Ian Whittlesea, Yves Klein business card

    Ian Whittlesea
    Transimile of Yves Klein's business card c.1955


    Joseph Beuys, holzpostkarte

    Joseph Beuys
    Edition Staeck, 1974

    Olivier Mosset, New Paintings

    Olivier Mosset
    New Paintings
    Exhibition invite
    John Gibson Gallery, New York, 1987


    My Other Car is a John Chamberlain

    My Other Car is a John Chamberlain
    Bumper sticker


    Andy Warhol, Event ticket

    Andy Warhol
    Exhibition card
    Tokyo, 1974


    Wigstock: After Party​/​Benefit
    Event flyer

    It's a DIVINE Night

    It's a DIVINE Night
    Event flyer

    Richard Prince, Cowboys and Nurses

    Richard Prince
    Cowboys and Nurses
    Exhibition invite
    John McWhinnie at Glenn Horowitz Bookseller, 2006

    Josef Albers

    Josef Albers
    Folded exhibition announcement
    Galerie Schmela, Düsseldorf, 1965


    David Hockney, Composition Red & Blue

    David Hockney
    Composition Red & Blue
    Christmas card
    Momart, 2005

    David Hockney, Paper Pools

    David Hockney
    Paper Pools
    Folded announcement card with tipped-in plate
    André Emmerich Gallery, 1979

    Secret Pastures

    Secret Pastures
    Event invite
    NEXT WAVE FESTIVAL​/​BAM Opera House, 1984

    Agnes Martin, Drawings of the Sixties

    Agnes Martin
    Drawings of the Sixties
    Exhibition invite
    Robert Elkon Gallery, 1978

    Richard Alcroft, aggression = death

    Richard Alcroft
    aggression = death
    Anti-war flyer

    Joe Brainard, New Work

    Joe Brainard
    New Work promotional broadside
    Black Sparrow Press, Los Angeles, 1973

    Candy Darling, Women in Revolt Publicity Photograph

    Candy Darling
    Women in Revolt publicity photograph

    Martin Wong Exhibition invite

    Martin Wong
    Exhibition invite
    Frank Bernarducci Gallery, New York, 1988