Hanna Liden
Out of My Mind…Back in Five Minutes
Karma, New York, 2011
112 pages, cloth-bound hardcover
11 × 8 12 inches
Edition of 500

“Nobody is perfect, I am nobody”

A combination of the documentation of objects informing Liden’s work with installations and photography: shopping bags, trash heaps, cigarettes, crumpled cash once carelessly stuffed into a pocket—each image is a trace of human existence specific to New York City and the shit it insouciantly peddles. An investigation of solipsism via purchased and discarded goods.

Liden’s sculptures of black plastic bags over-filled with poured plaster are a consideration of those same accessories conceived to hide a pedestrian’s taboo purchase—a need specific to the urban environment. The black plastic bag was the solution, just as the trash bag hides refuse and the body bag makes even death discreet. “Welcome to New York, thank you for dying here.”