Josh Smith
A Guest + A Host = A Ghost
Special Edition
Karma, New York, 2011
9 12 × 6 12 inches
Special Edition of 100
Numbered, hole punched and hand spray-painted box by Smith includes:
+ A Guest + A Host = A Ghost, softcover book
+ Numbered block print

Taking its title from one of Marcel Duchamp’s famous aphorisms, A Guest + A Host = A Ghost was designed by artist Josh Smith to accompany DESTE’s exhibition of the same name. As Smith himself states, “this book is intended to function as an art work; a small sculpture of a book. I wanted to make sure that each book maintained some individuality. When I put the book together, I wanted to make sure that the images did not detract from the book as an object. The covers on the books are all unique; I had the printer use preprinted scrap and test-sheets that had accumulated at the printing factory in New York where they were printed before being shipped to Greece for the exhibition.”