Rosy Keyser
My Heads Are My Hands
Karma, New York, 2014
112 pages
10 12 × 8 14 inches
Edition of 500


If it is desired to cut off the limb of a tree, do not disfigure the tree by tearing the bark down. If you cut part way through the limb on the under-side, and then cut partly through from the top side, the limb will fall off without tearing the bark down the trunk; but if you cut only from the top, sooner of later the weight of the limb will tear it off and make an ugly wound down the front of the tree, which in time decays, makes a hollow, and ultimately destroys the tree.


My Heads Are My Hands combines excerpted text with original drawings and photographs by Keyser in dialogue with one another other. Deeply informative yet are presented with little context, the publication explores preservation and survival through the act of creating something new.