Sam Falls
Plein Air
Special Edition
Karma, New York, 2015
176 pages, hardcover
11 × 8 12 inches
Special Edition with hand-embellished cover


This book documents a year the artist spent outdoors making his large-scale pigment-on-canvas paintings in four separate locations around the world: Hartland, Vermont; Venice, California; Hudson, New York; and Sarvisalo, Finland. Nature has always been a principle theme in Falls’ work and the splendor and unpredictability with which the seasons change is transferred directly onto his canvas through the use of saturated pigments and the natural elements. The resulting paintings are lush, familiar silhouettes of ferns, flowers and the boughs of native trees. Four concise texts—naturalist and analytical in turn—by Hammer Museum curator Aram Moshayedi accompany each location and body of work.