Svetlana Kitto
Sara Penn’s Knobkerry: An Oral History Sourcebook
Sculpture Center, New York, 2021
204 pages
6 12 × 9 12 inches


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From the early 1960s, Knobkerry traded in textiles and ethnographic objects, which artist and designer Sara Penn expertly transformed into coveted patchwork garments and arranged in elaborate and densely layered displays. In Penn’s hands, these items registered the local effects of globalization, including increased access to objects of international trade, eager markets for fashionable multiculturalism, and a conflicted relationship to American identity. This publication assembles fifteen long-form interviews with figures close to Penn and Knobkerry, conducted by Svetlana Kitto between 2017 and 2020, including Andrea Aranow, Charles Daniel Dawson, David Hammons, Joanne Robinson Hill, Kate Prendergast and Jane Barrell Yadav, Sana Musasama, Eric Robertson, Fumi Schmidt, Seret Scott, Elena Solow, Carol Thompson, Ken Tisa, and Paulette Young.