Chris Martin
Chris Martin
Interview with Bob Nickas
Karma/Anton Kern, New York, 2014
120 pages
12 14 × 11 34 inches
Edition of 1,000


“… I came to the city in 1976 and painting was a pretty narrow place—Minimalism was king and the unspoken rule seemed to be that an artist was supposed to find his or her image and stick to it. Then in the 1980s, when Schnabel, Basquiat, and all the Europeans arrived, the whole scene opened up and I started to embrace my own practice. The artists who I admire the most seem to be able to bring whatever is happening in the world and in their own lives directly into their work.” Published on the occasion of Martin’s 2014 solo show at Anton Kern Gallery, this book includes full color plates of the artist’s large, ethereal glitter paintings made in upstate New York as well as forty photographs documenting the period during which the work was created.