× Afterall Books: One Work
    Marc Camille Chaimowicz, Celebration? Realife

    Marc Camille Chaimowicz
    Celebration? Realife
    Text by Tom Holert
    Afterall Books, 2007


    Dara Birnbaum, Technology/Transformation: Wonder Woman

    Dara Birnbaum
    Technology​/​Transformation: Wonder Woman
    Text by T. J. Demos
    Afterall Books, 2010


    Marcel Duchamp, Étant donnés

    Marcel Duchamp
    Étant donnés
    Text by Julian Jason Haladyn
    Afterall Books, 2010

    Andy Warhol, Blow Job

    Andy Warhol
    Blow Job
    Text by Peter Gidal
    Afterall Books, 2008


    Jeff Koons, One Ball Total Equilibrium Tank

    Jeff Koons
    One Ball Total Equilibrium Tank
    Text by Michael Archer
    Afterall Books, 2011


    Joan Jonas, I Want to Live in the Country (And Other Romances)

    Joan Jonas
    I Want to Live in the Country (And Other Romances)
    Text by Susan Morgan
    Afterall Books, 2007


    Sarah Lucas, Au Naturel (Afterall)

    Sarah Lucas
    Au Naturel
    Text by Amna Malik
    Afterall Books, 2009

    David Hammons, Bliz-aard Ball Sale

    David Hammons
    Bliz-aard Ball Sale
    Text by Elena Filipovic
    Afterall Books, London, 2019

    Glenn Ligon, Untitled (I Am a Man)

    Glenn Ligon
    Untitled (I Am a Man)
    Text by Gregg Bordowitz
    Afterall Books, London, 2018


    Sigmar Polke, Girlfriends

    Sigmar Polke
    Text by Stefan Gronert
    Afterall Books, London, 2017