× David Hockney
    David Hockney, Six Fairy Tales from the Brothers Grimm

    David Hockney
    Six Fairy Tales from Brothers Grimm
    Royal Academy Publications, 2012


    David Hockney, Composition Red & Blue

    David Hockney
    Composition Red & Blue
    Christmas card
    Momart, 2005

    David Hockney, Paper Pools

    David Hockney
    Paper Pools
    Folded announcement card with tipped-in plate
    André Emmerich Gallery, 1979

    David Hockney, Cameraworks

    David Hockney
    Text by Lawrence Weschler
    Knopf, New York, 1984

    David Hockney, Fax Dibujos/Fax Cuadros

    David Hockney
    Fax Dibujos​/​Fax Cuadros
    Centro Cultural​/​Arte Contemporáneo, Mexico, 1990

    David Hockney, Drawing from Life

    David Hockney
    Drawing from Life
    Text by Sarah Howgate
    National Portrait Gallery, London, 2020